Efficacy of MRI in comparison to ultrasound in the treatment of breast cancer

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  • Develop a research table to organize and summarize the research studies.
  • Using a summary table allows you to be more concise in your narrative description.
  • Only research studies used to support your intervention are summarized in this table. Refer to the “Evaluation Table Template,” available in the textbook appendix.
  • Use the “Evaluation Table Template” as an adaptable template.
  • Write a narrative that presents the research support for the projects problem and proposed solution. Make sure to do the following:
  • Include a description of the search method (e.g., databases, keywords, criteria for inclusion and exclusion, and number of studies that fit your criteria).
  • Summarize all of the research studies used as evidence. The essential components of each study need to be described so that readers can evaluate its scientific merit, including study strengths and limitations.
  • Incorporate a description of the validity of the internal and external research.

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