Essay – Developing a Business Strategy

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Part A – Organisational Context (15 marks)
Statement of Strategic Intent
Positioning Statement
Industry Value Chain
Part B1 –External Strategic Analysis (20 marks)
Use the following TWO tools below to complete analysis of the organisations current external environment:
• Porters 5 Forces • PESTLE Analysis

Part B2 – Internal Strategic Analysis (20 marks)
Choose ONE tool from the four below to complete analysis of the organisations current internal strategy:
• Firm Value Chain • VIRA Analysis
• Activity Mapping • Strategy Canvas


Part C – SWOT Analysis (20 marks)
Based information from Part A and B perform a SWOT analysis of the Organisations Strategy using a table similar to the one below:

Part D – Recommendations (20 marks)
Using the knowledge you have gained in Parts A B and C above provide advice to top management on how they should position the business for improved performance over the next four years. That is:
• Recommend FOUR key (new) strategies with the benefits and risks for each .

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