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This assessment is designed to foster learning in relation to the first four unit learning outcomes. Through undertaking this task it is expected that you will be able to:
1. Describe contemporary organisational structures.
2. Explain contemporary people management practices.
3. Outline marketing practices.
4. Explain financial practices.
Each student is expected to construct a capability portfolio made up of two essays (1,200 words per essay). Through an analysis of an organisational case students are expected to address a range of key theoretical perspectives on processes and practices that relate to organisational structures, people management, marketing and finance. Students are expected to at least draw on the Essential and Recommended Readings as set out in this Learning Guide.
Each essay should take the form of a literature review that demonstrates the student’s engagement with both the case and the business studies/organisational studies literature. The literature review should investigate and comment on the theoretical perspectives that relate to the design and practices of each dimension: structure, people management, marketing and finance. The literature review should not simply be a descriptive summary of the text book for each of these dimensions it must also draw on other sources that reflect similar and/or differing theoretical explanations of the organisational practices being discussed.

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