Ethics and Values

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Bioethical Scenarios:
An elderly gentleman, Joe, is admitted with “Failure to Thrive”. He has end stage Alzheimer’s disease, is only 95 pounds and 5’7”. He is no longer able to swallow. Position A. one daughter is advocating for placement of tube feeding so her father doesn’t “starve to death”
Position B. Another daughter is advocating place him in hospice without tube feeding. “so he doesn’t suffer”.
Instructions: 1. research the scenario and your position (POSITION A). (feel free to use newspaper, websites, etc to find situation similar to your assigned situation. use AT LEAST ONE nursing, healthcare article that supports your assigned position (position A))
2. research nursing position papers (ANA, BRN, etc)
3. Choose 2 of 5 ethical principles that pertain to your position(position A) in the scenarios and discuss how they support this position. (autonomy, beneficence, justice, nonmaleficence, fidelity)
4. Discuss the ICN code of Ethics in relation to your position (position A).
5. discuss what values (not yours) may be impressing upon your position(position A).

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