Ethics Essay

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Write an essay on one of the following questions:
1) Consider the following scenario:

Imagine that you are the Regional Manager of a multinational paper company, and, after an extensive vetting process by the Human Resources Department, you are presented with the final two job candidates (let’s call them Jim and Dwight) competing for the position of Assistant Regional Manager. You must decide who will get the job, and given that you will be working closely with this individual, you don’t take your decision lightly.

Upon reviewing their resumes, you find out that Dwight is the more qualified of the two. They both have MBAs, but Dwight’s is from a more prestigious program. They both have good experience working for big corporations, but Dwight has been at it for longer. They both have good letters of reference, but Dwight’s are better.

After interviewing them, you find out that Jim has a family member who is in the hospital. You also discover that Jim doesn’t have health insurance, and you know that one of the benefits of the job includes a comprehensive health plan that would cover his family. He is in serious debt, and the hospital bills are mounting. Dwight, on the other hand, is single and has enough money saved up from his previous job to buy private insurance.

Furthermore, you notice that Jim is the more easy-going of the two – he is warm and fun to be around. He also shares many of your interests and hobbies. Dwight, on the other hand, has a lukewarm personality. He’s not mean exactly, just very serious and direct, and the two of you have very little in common. Finally, you notice that Jim is a better dresser than Dwight.
If you were an act utilitarian, who would you hire and why? Explain act utilitarianism and defend your answer.
2) According to Kant, it is always irrational to act immorally. Why does he think this? Do you agree with him? Defend your answer.
3) How does Hobbes defend the claim that it is never rational to behave unjustly? Explain by discussing his social contract theory. Do you agree with him? Defend your answer.

Essay Structure ü Title: You should give your essay a title that will inform the reader of its specific contents. Introductory Paragraph: Your essay should begin with an introductory paragraph in which you state your thesis and outline the argument(s) that you will make in support of your thesis.
Supporting Paragraphs: After the introduction, your essay will contain several supporting paragraphs, each one devoted to explaining one part of your argument.

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