Explore the significance and the symbolic meaning of the forest in the Grimm Brothers’ tale “Snowwhite”.

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2. Analyze the motif of the death of the beautiful woman in the Grimm Brothers’ tale “Snowwhite”.
3. Interpret the (step-)mother and daughter conflict in the Grimm
Brothers’ tale “Snowwhite”.
4. Explore the themes of beauty and vanity in the Grimm Brothers’ tale “Snowwhite”.
5. Compare and contrast the depiction of the Grimm Brothers’ Snowwhite with the depiction of Snow White in Rupert Sander’s film Snow White and the Huntsman. How do the differences reflect the different cultures and historical periods in which the works were produced?
6. Discuss the ways in which Rupert Sander’s film Snowwhite and the Huntsman conforms to and violates the features typical of the fairy tale genre.

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