Extended Definition Writing Project

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Term or Concept to be Defined: MONSTER/MONSTROSITY/MONSTROUS

Explanation that shows why the example works for the criterion in question:
Contrasting example (i.e. an example that some people might think relates to this first criterion but that, in your definition, really does not):
Explanation that shows why the contrasting example does not work for the criterion in question

_____ (1) Be on a clearly relevant topic and include an introductory paragraph that has an engaging hook to capture the reader’s interest; provides relevant background information to develop the introduction � NO DICTIONARY DEFINITIONS!; and includes a clear, developed thesis that indicates that the full essay will clearly address the assignment prompt. Craft your thesis so that it forecasts elements of your original definition of monster, monstrosity, monstrous or some other form of the word monster, and be sure that those elements of the definition exhibit parallel grammatical structure.

_____ (2) Employ a clear organizational method that supports your thesis; in other words, the order of essay content should correspond with ideas in your thesis statement.

_____ (3) Compose fully developed body paragraphs that correspond with the elements of your original definition and that employ meaningful transitions to show how paragraphs are connected to the thesis and to each other;

_____ (4) Include at least one clearly identifiable, MLA-formatted in-text citation in the body of the paper, accompanied by a Work(s) Cited list;

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