Film Analysis: 1 Men of Honor

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Part I


Directions: Use the Model as an example to write all FORMAL FILM ANALYSIS.


View the FILM (More than once) Write in paragraph form


  • Paragraph (1): What is your overall impression of the film include the movie’s title, director, and key actors.
  • Paragraph (2): Summarize the plot of the film by describing any two main characters in the plot.
  • Paragraph (3): How did the actors portray key character roles? Did they fulfill your expectations (if the film was based upon a novel or play). What are the characters innermost dreams, feelings, and thoughts?
  • Paragraph (4): Explain techniques used in key scenes? How did the film techniques enhance the setting and theme of the film?
  • Paragraph (5): Address how well the film represents the novel or play. Give evidence for your opinion. Explain how the character respond to others in his or her environment?
  • Paragraph (6): Closing paragraph should invite the reader to view the film or not.
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