Forensic Criminal Pyschology Offender Profiling Report

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Critically evaluate the FBI (clinical) approach and the British (statistical) approach to offending profiling.

Assignment no.2 is a 2500 word report on offender profiling; students are tasked with critically evaluating two diverse methodological approaches utilised by psychologists to assist & guide the police in apprehending particular perpetrators of crime. They will consider the effectiveness of each approach, utilising a range of evidence, including case studies, interviews, academic research, established reports and where appropriate statistical evidence. The rationale for this assessment is based on the learning outcomes associated with developing students’ knowledge of psychology’s investigatory role in crime and its contributions to crime reduction/prevention initiatives. In order to be successful in this assignment, students will need to demonstrate an ability to critically evaluate the effectiveness of two diverse approaches to offender profiling, as well key research skills and an ability to utilise resources/evidence effectively to support their argument. Their ability to think independently and make subsequent connections between theory, research and policy will be assessed in the final part of the report which requires the student to utilise the material presented to devise policy recommendations. In relation to the broader learning outcomes, the assessment examines students’ research & analytical skills, as well as their ability to critically evaluate – Offender Profiling Report brief

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