Formative/Summative Evaluations

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Write an essay of 1,000-1,250-words in which you address the following questions: How are formative and summative evaluations used in the classroom? How are these evaluations different in a K-3 and a Birth-Pre-K learning environment? Why is it important to use informal evaluation methods with preschool and primary children? How is diagnostic evaluation used in instructional planning? What strategies does the early childhood teacher use to assess young students using formative and summative measures? What are the names of specific types of formative/summative assessments used in K-3 and Birth-Pre-K classrooms? To complete this assignment, use the GCU Library to research a minimum of three to five scholarly articles, use your course texts, and interview early childhood educators in your local school or district. Use 3-5 scholarly papers, please and thank you. I do more paraphrasing than direct quotes. Maybe max of 3 direct quotes is fine, but use paraphrase for the quotes you want to reference.

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