To gain a deeper understanding of the purpose of public agencies and the effects of their actions/inactions, students will complete an Agency Presentation.

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  1. What is the purpose of the agency/ commission?
  2. Which industry (or industries) does it regulate?
  3. What is the origin story of the agency or commission?
  4. What is the governing legal statue for the entity?
  5. Why was it formed? What was the reason it was created?
  6. Who is the current “top person” for the organization?
    Is the top person a political appointment?
  7. Does this position require Senate Confirmation?
  8. How many employees does it have? What is the budget for the most recent fiscal year? What Congressional/ Legislative Committee has oversight responsibility for it?
  9. Select an incident where the agency or commission succeeded or failed to regulate a particular activity.
  10. What is/was the activity?
  11. When and where did this activity occur?
  12. What are the political interests involved in the regulation?
  13. Who are the affected parties?
  14. What were the results of the agency’s action or inaction?

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