General Electric Case

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

1. In what ways has Jeff Immelt redirected the strategy of GE? (25%)

2. To what extent is the strategy aligned with

a. The requirements of the 21st century business environment?
b. GE’s resources & capabilities? (30%)

3. What organisational changes has the new strategy necessitated? Will GE be able to successfully execute the new strategy? (20%)

4. What alternative strategies should GE consider? (25%)

Identify, critically appraise and select strategies for organisations operating within domestic and international contexts.
b) Critically evaluate strategies linked to responding to external environments (fit strategies) and contrast them to strategies linked to core competencies (stretch strategies).
c) Recognise, consider and address macro-economic trends in a changing world and their impact on business whilst evaluating competitive, organisational and ethical values.


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