Group Based Assignment: Passengers’ Operation at Changi Airport

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Your assignment is to: ‘compare and contrast’ Singapore Changi Airport (Passengers) Operations within a framework of the theories and concepts studied in Operations Management.

A suggested pro-forma for the body of the assignment would be:

Cover Page
Executive Summary
Table of Contents

I. Background to Changi
? Provide an overview of the airport with a focus on Changi as a gateway to Singapore and a regional air hub into Asia, Australia, the USA and Europe
II. History of Changi
? Why Changi is selected as the location for the airport and where it is?
III. A typical international airport operation
? Describe the value chain for passengers’ operation at Changi airport (Terminal 1, 2, 3 and possible Terminal 4).
? Identify and describe key milestones of passengers’ transformation through Changi airport for both inbound and outbound passengers.
? List enhancements to Changi airport’s core business of moving passengers and their value adding to customers.
? Identify the supply chain for passengers’ operation at Changi airport.
IV. Sustainability and air travel/airports
? Identify and describe economic, environmental and social sustainability aspects of Changi airport.
V. The Future of Changi airport
? Terminal 5
? Forecasting and demand planning

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