Healthcare 1 Imagine That You Are A Public Health Nurse And Your Colleagues Have Determined The Threat Of Deadly New Strain

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1. Imagine that you are a public health nurse, and you and your colleagues have determined that the threat of a deadly new strain of influenza indicates a need for a mass inoculation program in your community. What public health data would have been used to determine the need for such a program? Where would you locate public health data? What data will be collected to determine the success of such a program? How might you communicate this to other communities or internationally?
2.Explore health information technology for the future of healthcare ( Select a reading about meaningful use or another topic of interest to you. What types of questions does this bring to mind regarding safety, privacy, and confidentiality? Can we have a system of meaningful use in a community, nationally, or internationally and yet still maintain the HIPAA standards

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