Healthcare Reform and 21st Century Healthcare Information Systems

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Option #2: Healthcare Reform and 21st Century Healthcare Information Systems
Prepare a paper that addresses the following requirements:
• Analyze and evaluate the implications of 3–5 major initiatives associated with healthcare reform on the designing and planning of 21st century healthcare information systems.
• Evaluate the challenges associated with each trend and ways to overcome them.
• Include an assessment on the impact the each initiative may have on the following:
o Leadership, governance, and the role of a healthcare chief information officer (CIO)
o Strategic health management information system (HMIS) planning and organizational culture
o Characteristics and capabilities of an enterprise resource planning system
• Review legislation and regulations that could influence the implementation of health information management systems.
• Explain how CIOs might assess the merits of each initiative on vision, mission, and strategy.
• Predict the global trends in the adoption of major standards and use of HMIS over the next five years.

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