Homeland Security

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Section 3: Governance
You have been asked to brief the Homeland Security Counternarcotics Task Force in preparation for an upcoming meeting on their Southwest border (SWB) case study. Prepare 2 PowerPoint slides that include the following:
Slide 1 should provide a graphic diagram of the rules, including the Patriot Act, U.S. Code, and policies that apply to the region. Slide 2 should offer a list of 5–6 overarching themes which summarize the challenges. You should demonstrate your understanding of the legal factors, legislative statutes, constitutional themes, and international precepts that inform the formulation of this policy and its geopolitical concerns. You should highlight the unique nature of coordinated and fragmented organizational structures at the SWB. Be sure to emphasize the challenges of unity of command, unity of effort, and performance measures. Include useful bibliographic references.
Section 4: Organizational Structures
Assume the role of a Customs and Border Protection (CBP) senior staff member. A national Department of Homeland Security (DHS) representative has asked your boss what assistance the DHS might offer in better securing the border.
Write a 2-page point paper to emphasize the need for better multiagency coordination on the SWB. Your paper should include the following:
Page 1 should address organizational structures and the frustration of uncoordinated law enforcement and homeland security activities at the SWB. Page 2 should persuade authorities to address these concerns. Identify and detail the organizations, responsibilities, and jurisdictions most likely to drive the homeland security considerations involving the NSWBCN Strategy and your case study. Identify specific local, state, tribal, and federal organizations that have equities in the SWB region. Identify existing organizational structures that are either complimentary and supportive, or redundant and inefficient. Include useful bibliographic references.

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