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Week 7 Discussion Board (50 points)


You will notice that in this Week 7 there is no homework assignment.   Your discussion board posting is worth all 50 points for this week.  I hope that you will give this assignment your full attention and your best creative, passionate energy   (… and at least 50 points worth of effort.)       Make sure you include concepts you have learned from this course in your posting for this week.   Remember, this is a 50-point assignment that is intended to illustrate how much you learned in this course about team leadership and how you can apply it to a “real” project.


Assume that you have been given a full year of sabbatical from your job and from school.   During this year you will continue to earn a salary that will satisfy all of your usual living expenses and, if you have a family, all of your family’s needs.    You have also been given $100,000 to pursue a movement of your choice.   I challenge you to create or imagine a movement about which you have genuine desire and internal motivation.


Your assignment is to describe how you will use the time, freedom, and funds provided to you to pursue your movement.   You should use the concepts we covered in this course to help inform your plans and your path to success.   (Indeed, how would you define success?)     You should identify at least three concrete things you learned in this course and show how you are using them in your plan.    Be as specific and concrete as you can be and give an overview of what you would do and how you would do it.   Be sure to account for the funds you have been given.   Do whatever research is required to make your plans as realistic and accurate as possible.    Provide citations and/or links to your research resources as appropriate.   At the conclusion of your post please let us know if you believe that you might actually pursue your plan now or someday in the future.     Who knows?……  You might even find an opportunity to collaborate with another student in this class on your project.  How many successful enterprises originated with college friends?  🙂

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