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Part 1 :

You are working as a guest service associate at the front desk of a large, downtown hotel. A well dressed, middle aged woman approaches you and asks for the manager. The manager is currently addressing another issue away from the front desk, so you ask if you can be of assistance. She explains that she is a regular guest of this hotel, and that she is very fussy and is used to the very best in hotel service wherever she goes. She doesn’t understand why she cannot bring her small dog into her room and is forced to board her pet at a local pet motel. The dog is house broken, has all of her shots, and doesn’t bark or bite. She just hates the thought of her “little angel” being all alone in this cold and cruel doggy motel all night…plus they charge outrageous rates.

Other guests begin to line up behind her for your assistance. How do you respond to her knowing that this hotel has a posted “No Pets Allowed” policy?


Your initial post should be at least 250 words.


Part 2:


As a part of the introduction, you were instructed to “briefly identify and explain whether a cultural change or a technical change has a greater affect on hospitality operations“.

Give an example of what a cultural change and a technical change would be.  Explain possible ramifications of each and how you would address the negative aspects.


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