How does social media affect how we understand the world around us?

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Advances in technology have had a pervasive influence on society: the way we work, learn, interact with others and relax. Some of these advances have both benefitted our lives and engendered serious social and ethical problems. Using lecture material as well as journal articles, select a technological issue (has to be computer technology related) that exhibits the characteristics explained above (i.e. there are good things and bad things about it). Some possible topics are included below. Your task is to: 1. Choose a topic that fulfills the above requirement, either from the list below or another topic of interest to you. You need to present two opposing views in your paper. 2. Research the issue to determine different perspectives on it. 3. Take a stand on the issue (i.e. what do you believe? Which side do you take?) 4. Write a paper to present your point of view. Back up your position with concrete facts. 5. In addition to facts that you provide in step 4, reflect on how we can be responsible users of technology (i.e. given these facts, how more broadly we can minimize the harm, or ethical/social problems in this particular use of technology.) 6. Submit your paper per instructions below, and present it to class at the end of the semester in at most 5-minute presentation. Possible Topics: 1. Use of technology in your field of study. How does it make thing better in your filed, how does it make thing worse? 2. How does social media affect how we understand the world around us? What are the positive and negative aspects of truth being mediated by social media? 3. How the notion of privacy is affected by computer technology? Discuss the positive and negative.

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