How is healthy eating promoted in schools

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How is healthy eating promoted in schools in the UK.
Essay on Healthy eating in schools in the UK
(Use journals for information on Healthy Eating in schools, 3 sources)
Include headings
• State your positon on the subject and provide an argument on the significance of the issue.
• Analyse both positive and negative Impact on the child development linked to health eating.
• Analyse the global perspectives and create links with relevant pedagogical theories.
• Is there a case for government intervention in regards to the obesity crisis or is it an issue for schools?

Describe the purpose of this essay and content
Describe the issue
Analyse the positive and the negative impact on child development take a side and defend it (Take the side of promoting health eating)
Reflect on how relevant policies and research on the issue might impact practice with children
Global perspectives
Analyse the issue and include the global perspectives
Pedagogical theories/influences factors
Try and explain this issue using 2 pedagogical theories and influencing factors e.g economic, political, cultural etc.
Concluding remarks
Summarise the content of the essay

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