How It Works

Step 1. Go to the order page or click on ‘Order now’ and fill in the assignment requirements on the order form.
Depending on the academic level and urgency, your order shall be fairly priced. We have installed a calculator that has a service of currency conversion to help you distinguish the price to be charged in your chosen currency. Once you are done with the ordering process and immediately we get a payment notification of your order, we start processing your order by assigning it to a professional writer within our team. In case, you select a specific writer or one of our top 10 writers, we shall certainly comply. To serve you better, we might request you to provide us with your names and contacts such as email address or phone number. You shouldn’t be alarmed by this because we guarantee you 100% confidentiality and you can stand assured that under no circumstance will your personal information be disclosed to a third party. The only reason why we may require such details is to ensure that it is you who submitted the order and that all the transactions were carried out by you or with your permission and consent.

Step 2. Carry on with payment of the order.
Once you are done with filling in the assignment requirements on the order form, you will then be required to carry on and make a payment of the order. Payment can be made using different methods/channels as underlined on our website. With the calculator that has been provided on our order page, it will be easy to know the exact amount needed for the particular assignment you have ordered for. At Premium Business Writings, we value transparency and this is why you will find that there are no hidden charges other than what is displayed on the calculator once you are done filling in the assignment requirements. As a security measure, you might receive a call from one of our representatives in the accounts department to verify and confirm that the purchase was made by you.

Step 3. Check the confirmation email sent to your email address.
Once you are done with making the order at Premium Business Writings, a confirmation email shall be sent to you, specifying what else may be needed for further cooperation. This email will inform you of how you can be able to contact the accounting/billing department, the writer working on your order, and the quality assurance department, if need be.

Step 4. Log into your account for any communication with the support team or your writer.
We always recommend our clients to constantly check their emails on regular basis, to receive a report on the progress of the order from the support team or the writers. More importantly, the writer may be in need of some critical clarification or additional instructions or files from the client. Therefore, it is very important that clients log into their accounts or check their emails constantly for any communication from the writer or the support team. It is also important to note that this system allows direct communication between the client and the writer, enhancing service provision to our clients.
Step 5. Check the Complete Version of your order via the sent Link.
Even though it is advisable that the customer tracks the progress of the order via email or the personal account on the website, it is important that the customer logs into his/her email to get update on the progress of the order. Once the order has been completed, an email notification shall be sent to the customer by one of our administrators. For the customers who have allowed calls, the support team may make a call to notify the customer of the completion of the order. A link shall also be sent to the customer to allow his/her access to the order.

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