HSA 540 Week 10 Discussion

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Assume the role of a consultant advising a benefits manager for a local telecommunications organization. The company is self-funded and has 25,000 employees, dependents, and retirees eligible for health benefits. The employees are currently enrolled in a managed PPO plan administered by a commercial insurer. The employer’s health plan costs have increased by 15% over the prior year. Therefore, leaders are considering more cost effective options. Identify at least three (3) managed care options that the organization would consider to be cost effective. Next, compare the three (3) options and make a recommendation based on your comparisons.

Compose an essay of no less than 2 pages discussing the topics covered in this unit. Your essay should include the following:

 Describe at least three public goods provided by public institutions and how these public goods impact society domestically and/or internationally.

 Discuss how demand and supply of public goods is influenced by external, environmental, economic, and political factors.

 Discuss Arrow’s impossibility theorem, and give an example of how it can affect the political process, other than the example discussed in the unit lesson and the textbook.

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