Human resource management – sexual harassment

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Human resource management practices are governed by laws, which vary from country to country and although these regulations have significantly aided in the reduction of employment discrimination and unfair employment practices, they have at the same time, had a lowering effect on management’s discretion over human resources. As a direct consequence, managers need to constantly scan their regulatory environment in an effect to keep abreast of legal requirements. One of the primary laws affecting human resource management in Australia is sexual harassment (Robbins et al. 2011, p. 157).


What in your view constitutes sexual harassment?

Your task is to:

Write a working paper describing the content of an initial 30 minute employee
workshop on sexual harassment.

Your workshop should define and explain sexual harassment from a human
resource management perspective.

Explain how employees can minimise sexual harassment in the workplace.
Detail how employees should respond if they experience or
observe harassing behaviour in accordance with the Act.

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