Hyaline Cartilage Engineering

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1) Each assignment will build on each other and cumulate into a final report at the end of the semester.  You will have two weeks to complete each assignment.  This will allow you to develop questions for class between assignment and submission.  Here are a few rules to follow in your submission: a. Treat each submission as a formal report. b. Begin with a title and you name. c. 12 pt. font text is single spaced with 1” margins. d. Clearly identify/label sections that pertain to each report topic.  I am looking for a well presented submission. e. Each assignment will be checked for plagiarism, so copying and pasting is not acceptable.  This must be your own work. f.  Each assignment is properly cited with a reference section at the end. g. Assignments are submitted in MS Word format on Moodle (Turnitin). 2) Identify a need for a tissue engineered product that you can use to develop a term report for this class. a. Use any media to discover a need for a tissue engineered product or service.  You can use your interest to help you in your discovery quest.  Report on at least five sources that you used to learn about the tissue engineering need.  Summarize what you found or didn’t find with each resource.  In particular, comment on the credibility of the resource (1 page limit). b. Create a preliminary title for your semester research and report. c. Do a PubMed search (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/sites/entrez?db=pubmed) on your subject.  Use the clipboard to save articles of interest.  Narrow your results to 10 articles, read each abstract, and highlight what makes the article relevant to you topic.  Present your 10 highlighted abstracts in your submission. 3) Use the biocompatibility and tissue engineering articles assigned in class to highlight the relevance of your topic to the field of tissue engineering.  This will become a section in your final report (2 page limit). a. Identify any materials that are a part of a tissue engineering solution.  Comment on biocompatibility concerns you will need to consider for your report. b. Use the tissue engineering articles to outline the important focus areas you will need to consider for your topic. c. Discuss the tissue engineering approaches as they relate to your topic.  What directions are current research heading and why? 4) Use a reference manager to collect your references (i.e. Endnote).  Learn how to use it for your reports. a. Install Endnote on your computer. b. Learn to automatically download references from the NIH. c. Learn how to add the citations within the text of your assignment.[1] d. Learn how to format the bibliography for this assignment so the references appear at the end. e. Submit your formatted references so far using Author-Date format (in a reference section).

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