In the field of training and development

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In the field of training and development, a key issue of concern identified by scholars and practitioners is transfer of training. It is estimated that roughly 10-60% of what is learned in corporate training is actually applied on the job i.e. roughly 40 – 90% of what is learned in corporate training is not used on the job.
Reflecting on your most recent training experience in your current job (if you haven’t received any training in your current job, reflect on training with a previous employer), respond to the following questions:
a) Approximately how much of what you learned were you able transfer/apply on the job?
(Give a rough estimate between 0 – 100%)
b) What were some of the enablers and barriers to transfer of training?
c) Focusing on this particular training program, and considering the pre-training, training and
post-training periods, what suggestions do you have for improving transfer of training?

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