Integrated Reporting

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

You will be required to analyse a research article selected by you from the list of articles supplied on the blackboard. You will be required to write a critical review of this article and relate it to your conceptual learning in the course.

Each submission will include a written report no greater than 1000 words. The report should cover following issues in relation to the article selected by the students:
? Brief description of the articles contents and how it relates to Integrated Reporting, Basically why is the article of interest to you as a student in Contemporary Financial and Integrated Reporting? ( 5 marks)
? Technical issues such as problem statement, methodology used and major findings of the study ( 5 marks)
? Impact of the article such in terms of improved reporting or your understanding of the area or impact on business decision making with implications for the IIRC and other relevant stakeholders ( 5 marks)

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