International Business Environment

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

You are asked to write an essay?style answer of about 3000 words on the topic you have chosen.

You are expected to develop your own arguments within the assignment, based on your own critical reflection, as well as your wider reading, and the discussions that have taken place during lectures and seminars. You are also expected to draw on academic sources such as journal articles, books to to support the arguments and analysis within your assignment.

You should also make sure that referencing and citing of sources complies with the Harvard Referencing System. A guide for this can be found online via the University of Sunderland Library website.

All students must submit a Turnitin receipt with the paper copy submission. The penalty for students who do not submit their assessed work through Turnitin is that their mark is withheld and the assessment board may deem the work to have failed.

2. Critically compare and contrast the activities of two companies of your choice in the same industrial sector seeking to access new markets in emerging economies in terms of current achievements and their potential for future sustainable success?

Adopting the role of an organisational development and change specialist, you have been recruited by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, (CIPD) to investigate an organisation of your choice, assessing how it has responded to national / global pressures with specific reference to ‘Managing the People Issues’ and to make commercially viable recommendations to recruit, retain and motivate both prospective and current employees.

The CIPD has requested that your research and final report is to be completed by June 13th in readiness to be tabled at the 2017 UK CIPD conference.
K1The historical and theoretical basis of organisation design and development and their context in terms of value and contribution to organisational life

K2 Available design options regarding organisational structures and relationships

K3 Processes and systems that need to be in place to maintain such structures and relationships, and evaluation of same

K 4 Methods and procedures of organisation development and review their strategic impact
S1 Critically evaluate the OD processes and models to implement successful change and organisational design
S2 Review and critique the OD process options to improve organisational design
S3 Critically reflect and evaluate learning processes when deciding OD processes for change

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