International Business Letter

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Conduct some cultural research on a country you would like to visit (or perhaps have already visited) and would like to do business with. Create a hypothetical (imagined) scenario in which you are a businessperson with interests in establishing relationships abroad. Compose a business letter to either:

1. A potential business partner in that country, where you�ll convey proper respect for elements of culture & business ethics. You want to sound as natural as possible when expressing that you�ve done some research on customs. Focus on audience benefits�how will the partnership help them expand or improve their business or bottom line?


2. A consulate or embassy from that country requesting information. Assume this ambassador has knowledge of both your country�s business customs and, of course, the customs of the country you�re interested in. In this request, convey that you�ve done some research with regards to norms in that country and explain how you predict your customs and those of the country will interact.

After you write this letter, please briefly explain why you wrote the way that you did. Essentially, explain to me what you found out (or perhaps already know) about the business customs of the country you want to work with, and how you used your knowledge to write a persuasive letter. Please do this on a separate page.

Tip: DO NOT list research you�ve done or merely present findings to your audience. (How would the reader use this information? What point are you trying to make?) DO write a clear business proposal incorporating what you�ve found out about that country�s business practices. Use your knowledge to be more persuasive and appeal to your audience.

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