International Marketing – Case Study of LJ Hooker’s reach to China

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Subject: International Marketing
1st Individual Assignment
• For the assignment, you are asked to analyze only one case study.
• Drawing on relevant material from the “social and cultural environment”, you are asked to analyze and respond to the questions outlined for the business case that is providing on (LJ Hooker’s reach to China). (I will attack case study files on )

• Introduce and summarize the case:
To summarize the case, read the through the case study multiple times to ensure a thorough understanding of the case and provide an overview of:
o ??the overall performance of the company
o ??the key strategies of the company
o ??the main issues and choices confronting the company.
o ??the key information given in the case study
o ?the information that are not provided in the case and the assumption that you need to make for your analysis
o ??the key concepts and theories that you need to refer to for your analysis —-

• Answer the questions on case study:
You are asked to answer the questions that are provided at the end of case study.
o Show your understanding of the relevant key concepts to the question. To do this provide a brief description of the concept and theories by referring to either the text book, lecture slides, or additional quality sources.
o Show your critical thinking in application of the concepts and theories by relating your answers to the concepts and theories.
o Support and justify your answers by referring to the information given in the case study.
o ?If the information that you need for your analysis are not provided in the case, provided additional information from your research and make assumptions.

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