Introduction to Quality Assurance M2S-Utilization Management-GREENWICH HOSPITAL

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

In the last paper you identified a health care facility for the subject of this assignment and presented a description of the facility and its quality assurance program. You also critiqued the facility’s Continuous Quality Improvement program.
In this assignment you will discuss and critique the subject facility’s Utilization Management program.

Assignment Expectations
For this assignment you are to complete the following tasks and to submit at least a full 3 page paper. (This does not include the title or reference pages):
• Describe and discuss the facility’s Utilization Management program.
• Compare and critique the subject facility’s Utilization Management program to that of a model facility and whether the facility adheres to the recognized standard for utilization management, including utilization review and whether this review leads to improvement in the quality of care.
• Identify areas for improvement in the facility’s Utilization management program, if any, and any recommendations you think should be implemented to improve the quality of patient care.

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