JDAI programs vs Incarceration

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

For this assignment you will:

Identify a crime or criminal justice problem that impacts the community, and that you would like to work on solving. Why is it a problem? Convince the reader that it is important.

Provide a general overview of the problem. Who or what (specifically) does it affect? Does it only affect certain communities? Does it impact a specific part of the criminal justice system? What is the history of the problem? (These are just questions to get you thinking; you do not need to answer all of them, but you do need to provide enough information so that it is clear what the scope of the problem is.)

Briefly discuss what has been written about this problem in the academic literature? Consult the Metro State online databases for peer reviewed articles, and find at least 3 that are related to this problem and that have been written in the last 10 years. Summarize those articles.

Identify at least 3 other sources besides journal articles you can use (list textbooks, names of people who work, volunteer, or are otherwise involved in the criminal justice system that you can interview, web pages, etc.)

Discuss why you have interest in the topic. What does it mean to you personally? (This is where you convince me that you are passionate about the topic!)

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