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Assignment 1
There are many different issues affecting food service today, from consumer issues about health and nutrition to the healthcare laws that are requiring strict menu nutritional labeling. It’s important to stay up to date with industry issues. What do you feel are the most common consumer issues concerning health and nutrition that have an impact on planning food service operations? Why? How do these concerns impact menu planning and trends in the industry?
You must give an example of how your chosen issue is affecting the way food service operations are run.
** This assignment is two pages long…please ;))

Assignment 2
Either using the ideal role you identified for yourself (Food and Beverage Manager), describe and explain the necessary skills and knowledge required or would be preferred for advancement in the field, from an entry level position (waitress) to management (preferably to general manager, vice president, or director level). The writing should be outlined by job progression and you can refer to specific job postings from company or third party job sites, like for example.
Furthering your self-assessment from week two, you will also identify your steps to advancing within the chosen job role.

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