Journal Assignment 5

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Each chapter of this book will ask you to write reflectively about the material you have just read. What did I learn? What’s the most valuable thing(s) I learned? What doesn’t work for me? Why doesn’t it work and how can I make it work? This is another way to remember the content of the chapter, so you might try it with your other classes as well.
Work in a Word Processor. Click on ‘Submit Assignment’ and Copy/paste the questions into the text box. Answer all the questions. Save on your computer before submitting to your instructor. Or, Attach your file to assignment.
Important! Be sure to use quotes/examples from the textbook and reference with page numbers for each question. You may also use the PowerPoint for reference. Please state the slide number. Use PowerPoint reference only occasionally per week and when appropriate. Your main reference source is the textbook. Put your reference numbers in parenthesis. Example: (pg. 10 or slide 11). You may also use web or module video reference which must be underlined.

1. How does college encourage critical thinking? Explain your answer.

2. How do critical arguments differ from emotional arguments? Give an example.

3. Based on the definitions in this chapter, do you believe you already are a critical thinker? If so, tell why. If not, tell how you plan to become more of one.

4. Some students will complain that “the teacher should have all the answers.” They resent when a teacher says, “I’m not sure. What do you think about that?” How would you characterize these students’ attitudes?
5. Think about one or more careers you hope you wind up in. They don’t have to correlate with your academic major at this point, but they should be fields about which you have a passion. How might you use critical thinking in those fields? How would it help you do a better job?

6. Think of a time when you viewed a problem as having only a “right” or “wrong” solution. Upon reflection, do you still believe that there was only one clear-cut solution? How might things have turned out differently, if you had been willing to explore alternative solutions or to withhold judgment?

7. What behaviors are you willing to change after reading this chapter? How might you go about changing them?

8. What did you learn from watching the video for chapter 5?
9. Is there anything else on your mind this week that you’d like to share with your instructor? If so, add it to your journal entry.

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