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Task Description: Critical evaluation and reflection � Individual written assignment Length: 2500 words

In five journal entries of approximately 500 words each, critically evaluate and reflect on your learnings throughout this course. Your journal entries should demonstrate your deepening knowledge of current theoretical concepts, issues and pedagogical practices underpinning the designing, planning, implementing and assessing of Senior English in Australian classrooms.

The critical evaluation and reflection format provided by a Learning Journal allows you to record, think about and develop your knowledge of:

? The central concepts and requirements of the Australian Curriculum v6.0 English ( and the QCAA Authority English Senior Syllabus (2010).

? Current theoretical frameworks and approaches for supporting the teaching of language, literacy, literature, mass media and everyday texts in Senior English.

? Designing, implementing and sequencing effective learning experiences in the Senior English classroom (You should draw on your learnings from practicum and participating in the group micro-teaching performance tasks in Week 5).

? How to design meaningful Senior English assessment tasks and assess student work.

In structuring your responses, you may wish to draw on the following philosophical questions � taken from the lectures � to stimulate/guide your writing:

1. How do we preserve in our students a love of literature (aesthetics), imagination, personal responses and creativity whilst treating texts as cultural artefacts to be deconstructed, transformed and reconstructed (critical pedagogy)?

2. Who has the most to lose from the promotion of poststructural principles and approaches for reading texts in English classrooms?

3. How do we strike a balance between ‘the canon’ and popular cultural texts in our classrooms?

4. As English teachers, how do we ensure that our own value systems/beliefs are not reified? How do we ensure that the beliefs and values of our students are treated respectfully – even if we disagree with them?

5. Is it possible to be objective when assessing students’ creative responses in English?

Note: It is essential that your learning journal make reference to a minimum of three course readings.
The criteria on which you will be assessed for this task are:
1. Knowledge of syllabus and curriculum requirements
2. Knowledge of theoretical frameworks, literature and national developments informing the teaching of Senior English
3. Ability to reflect on how your English teaching identity is being developed through a critical evaluation of your own and others� teaching practices
4. Knowledge of the core principles associated with designing assessment tasks for the Senior English classroom
5. Writing competency including organisation, fluency, spelling, punctuation and grammatical correctness
6. Appropriate use of academic referencing � including references to course readings (minimum of three

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