Krumboltz’s Learning Theory of Career Counseling 10 slide power point presentation

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Each student will be assigned to present a career counseling theory. Presentations should be 10-15 slides and thoroughly cover the material covered in the corresponding chapter of the course text. All presentations should include a PowerPoint presentation and at least one source of supplemental information (i.e. not from the course text). Supplemental information may include material from other texts, the internet, and scholarly journal articles. All supplemental material must be cited accordingly. Students may include experiential class activities, videos, etc., in their presentations. Your presentation should be structured to follow the order of the following questions (be sure to clearly address each question): What theorist(s) is/are associated with the theory? When did the theory originate? What are the key constructs of the theory? How applicable is the theory to our diverse society today? Do all components of your theory apply to all segments of our society (age, gender, ethnicity, S.E.S, religious, sexual orientation, varying abilities, etc.) Is there criticism of this theory? If so, briefly summarize To what degree is the theory supported by research literature? What do you personally think of the theory? How relevant is it to your own life?

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