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Australia’s multiculturalism is self-evident. About 28 per cent of the population was born overseas, with another 20 per cent having an overseas-born parent. According to one estimate, 32 per cent of the Australian population have a non-Anglo-Celtic background. However, such cultural diversity is not proportionately represented within the senior leadership of Australian organisations.

Leading for Change starts the conversation about improving the representation of cultural diversity within Australian leadership. It provides guidance for how organisations can nurture leadership that is fit for our multicultural society and our global economy (Australian Human Rights Commission, 2016).

Instructions for Assessment Task 3

Read the document Leading for Change (located in Moodle) and  respond to the following questions drawing on the topics and theory of leadership covered in the course, particularly from sessions 5-9.



  1. Why is it important that leaders understand cultural diversity in modern day organisations?
  2. How can leaders influence and support cultural diversity in the workplace?
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