Legal Ethics and Professional responsibility

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

The essay is to discuss “what is a fit and proper person, and why does it matter?”.
Points of discussion MAY include:
1. particular legal professional ethical rules
2. regulation of the legal profession
3. lawyers responsibility for a vulnerable person/class
4. Duty to clients
5. Duty to courts
6. Duty to public
7. Professional conduct rules
8. legal profession act (WA)
9. Good fame and character: Re medical Practitioners Act: Ex Parte Tziniolis (1966) 67 SR (NSW) 448, 475.
10. Evidence of Honesty: Frugtniet v Board of Board examiners [2005] VSC 332 Gillard J [27-30] “applicant is a trustworthy confidential advocate with integrity” Ex parte Lenehan (1948) 77 CLR 403.
The jurisdiction would be Western Australia for the Act’s.

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