Leisure Behaviour and Development #2

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

A minimum of six (6) academic sources (books or journal articles) and follow the Gold Guide for essay struction and style and referencing conventions

Referencing style: Compulsory to use APA referencing

Introduction –Body –Conclusion –Reference List

Topic: Choose a youth leisure activity and critically discuss how it relates to identity development.

Purpose: The purporse of the essay is to assess your understanding of relationship between leisure and hman experience as well as the ability to undertake academic research and writing where you present a well-evidenced and reasoned argument.

This assessment item relates to the following course learning outcomes:

1. demonstrate an integrative understanding of the major determinants and general features of human growth and development;
2. demostrate knowledge of selected psychological theories and concepts as they apply to leisure
3. apply human growth and development theories and concepts to everyday human experiences
4. employ various theoretical perspectives to evaluate individual differences in the choices and eperience of leisure and leisure participation in general;
5. apply effective critical thinking and communication skills.

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