Life stage interventions

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Imagining yourself as a young client pick an incident (minor transition point, change or life event) from your life and with the aid of one the modalities presented, articulate how you would assist your young self to process this experience. We stress that the event chosen, must be minor in impact. ?Your paper must include information pertinent to the life stage, theoretical underpinnings of chosen approach, in-depth discussion on interventions used and critical reflection of efficacy of approach. ?As an example, at age 5 you started school, using IDT explore the meaning of the transition for your young child self. – Discuss why and how you would use the intervention, i.e. expand on the practical nature of modality, interactions, relationship etc. and how you as a professional might establish a therapeutic relationship. ?Assessment 3 marking criteria: ?
? �Clear and concise description of your life stage and the chosen �incident, event� ?
? �Clear element of personal critical reflection linked to the situation described and ?potential professional impact ?
? �Therapeutic Intentions, demonstrated understanding of how the activity may ?support/benefit the client. ?
? �Overall research quality and professional insights ?
? �Referencing ?
? �Writing style ?

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