What are the limitations of a monetary union without a fiscal union?

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  1. What are the limitations of a monetary union without a fiscal union?
  2. What is one of the greatest risks to a single currency regime?
  3. What are the four tests that member states had to meet to join the single currency?
  4. What limitations does a single currency market place on national governments needing to respond to economic shocks?
  5. What procedure is triggered when a Eurozone’s member state’s budget deficit exceeds 3 percent of GDP?
  6. Which five states were bailed out in 2010-2012 as a result of euro-crisis?
  7. What are the goals of Stability and Growth Pact (SGP)? What reforms were introduced to SGP in 2011?
  8. How was the financial crisis in Greece and Italy different from that of Ireland, Spain, and Portugal?
  9. When it comes to banking regulation in EU, which measure generated greatest agreement and which one has been most difficult to agree on?
  10. What are the sources of resistance to the banking union in the EU?
  11. What is the goal of European Stability Mechanism?
  12. What new rule introduced in 2013 further limited member state’s sovereignty?

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