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Write a paper that engages with Machiavelli and his ideas about human nature and politics. You may use any one of the prompts below. Your paper claim should pertain to the issues raised by the prompt, but do not use a “direct” answer to a prompt question as your paper claim. Prompt #1: Compare Machiavelli’s views of human nature and politics with that of Aristotle (or Plato or Confucius) or any of the other ancient thinkers we have discussed. Focus your paper on one significant difference. Why is it important that we consider that difference? How would understanding that difference help us grow, change, or strengthen our understanding of our world? Prompt #2: How are Machiavelli’s views compatible with an (your) idea of a “civilized society”? Does Machiavelli redefine what “civilized” means? Does Machiavelli change your view of what “civilized” means? Prompt #3: Write about a passage from the selections on Canvas from The Prince. If you do so, please formulate a specific paper claim and focus on one short passage.

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