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Describe two examples of reason in Thomas Paine’s work. How do you think these ideas could have inspired some of the core values that the United States still retains today? Three sentences only.
2. Identify one idea from the poem “Ode to Joy” that you think represents the Romantic era. Justify your choice using ideas presented in this learning block. Three sentences only.
Section 2
3. Give an example of a Realism artifact that shows 1. the Depiction of the ordinary; 2. Real-life situations; and 3. a Shift from the ideal to the real- Need an example of each Characteristic.
4. Give an example of an Impressionism artifact that shows 1. The play of light in the present moment; 2. Immediacy, spontaneity; and 3. Short, staccato brushstrokes in art. Need an example of each Characteristic.
5. In two sentences, answer the following question: What differences do you notice between the artifacts from each era and where do you think those differences stemmed from?
Section 3
6. Identify three creators from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries who you think made important contributions to art and culture in the form of artifacts of the humanities, which impacted society. Each person you choose should have used a different medium to express themselves. (mediums can include dance, literature, sculpture, visual arts, architecture, music, performance).
7. For each of the three individuals, identify one of the artifacts they created and the medium of the artifact. Then explain why you believe they felt the need to express their ideas.

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