Manage operational plan-Develop an operational plan and Plan and manage resource acquisition (Project and Research)

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Assessment desсrіptіon
In response to a simulated business scenario, уou will research resource requirements and develop (or amend) an operational plan in consultation with relevant stakeholders. As a part of the development of your plan, you will set performance indicators, plan for contingencies, and obtain approval in accordance with organisational requirements.
1. Read the BBQfun scenario information provided in Appendix 1 and the BBQfun simulated business documentation provided by your assessor.
2. Write a brief summary of the BBQfun operational environment that includes:
a. an outline of the legislative and regulatory context that is relevant to BBQfun’s operational plan (available on pages 18-20)
b. an outline of the BBQfun policies and procedures that directly relate to the operational plan
c. an explanation of the role of an operational plan in achieving the successful implementation of the e-commerce strategy
d. a discussion of your intention to either develop a new operational plan for BBQfun, or to amend the existing operational plan; support your discussion with reference to different methods and models for developing operational plans – such as methods for setting goals, outlining actions, identifying risk and monitoring performance.
3. Research resource requirements for implementation of e-commerce strategy.
4. Arrange with your assessor to participate in two resourcing consultation role-plays.
5. Participate in consultation role-plays with relevant personnel to determine resourcing needs. You will role-play with the:
a. Sales and Marketing Manager – prepare to discuss human resourcing requirements
b. Technology consultant – prepare to discuss physical resourcing requirements related to development of e-commerce website.
Note: During consultation, ask questions and encourage the personnel to provide information.
6. Develop an action plan for the implementation of the e-commerce strategy. In your plan include:
a. physical resourcing (all major steps for resourcing, including procurement of different types of resources, but not to the detail of including all procurement steps for each resource type)
b. human resourcing (all major steps, e.g. recruiting, training, communication)
c. timelines and milestones for implementing the e-commerce strategy
d. consultation and communication (ensure all affected staff are informed and engagement is encouraged for all stakeholders).
e. Recognise and incorporate requirements for intellectual property rights and responsibilities in recruitment and acquisition of resources and services
An example action plan template is provided in Appendix 2.
Ensure plans adhere to organisational requirements set out in the scenario and in relevant policies and procedures.
7. Develop performance indicators for operational and financial targets and amend or develop existing operational plans to include KPIs and financial targets related to e-commerce strategy. Develop a balanced scorecard for an e-commerce customer service representative including three KPIs and associated targets.
Note: The current budget and operational plan for BBQfun is located in Appendix 1. A balanced scorecard template is located in Appendix 3.
8. Identify at least three risks to the implementation of the operational plan and develop a contingency plan for each risk (you may use the contingency plan template provided in Appendix 4). Risks must include:
a. one risk due to employee underperformance
b. one risk related to management of intellectual property (IP)
c. one risk due to breach of health and safety compliance responsibilities.
9. Develop a proposal for resourcing to be presented for approval to the Operations General Manager. Include in your proposal:
a. description of proposed implementation of resourcing
b. breakdown of costs
c. benefits to organisation
d. a list of different approaches to developing key performance indicators
e. risks to organisation by not implementing
f. outline of identified risks and contingency planning
g. description of sources of information used to develop proposal (use internet research on technical aspects of e-commerce and importance to retailers; use consultation, use company financial projections).
10. In a third role-play, present proposal for approval by the Operations General Manager.
11. Submit a project of your implementation documents as outlined in the specifications below. Keep copies of your work for use in Assessment Tasks 2 and for your own records.
● participate in three role-plays:
○ consult with the Sales and Marketing Manager
○ consult with the technology consultant
○ present the resourcing proposal for approval from the Operations General Manager
● submit a planning project, including:
○ a summary of the operational environment of BBQfun
○ action plan
○ performance indicators for operational and financial targets (in the new/amended operational plan)
○ balanced scorecard for e-commerce customer service representative
○ proposal for resourcing.
Your assessor will be looking for:
● reading and writing skills to use workplace information to write an operational plan that meets organisational requirements
● oral communication skills to present information in a clear and professional manner, listen and comprehend information and confirm understanding through questioning and active listening
● planning and organisational skills to take responsibility for developing and implementing a plan to achieve operational goals including resource needs, strategy development, sequencing activities, identification of risks and impact on operational performance and generating contingency plans
● interaction skills to communicate and empathise with stakeholders during consultation processes and collaborate to achieve business outcomes
● numeracy skills to work with an existing budget to allocate and manage financial resources
● knowledge of models and methods for operational plans
● knowledge of the relationship between an operational plan and organisational objectives
● knowledge of budgeting processes
● knowledge of legislation and regulations relevant to the operational plan of the organisation
● knowledge of intellectual property rights and responsibilities relevant to the operational plan
● knowledge of using KPIs to develop business objectives.

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