Market Entry Strategy

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Project Title:: Disruptive Retail Electricity Launch in Houston
Please describe the purpose of this project and the specific business need it will satisfy:: We are launching a technology company that is offering retail electricity to millennials that need to power their home or apartment. We are launching in our first market, Houston, in the summer. We need a viral marketing strategy to signup (pre-register) customers before launch using online (social) channels and offline (face-to-face). We specifically would like to develop a “brand ambassador” program at Houston’s universities to serve as representatives of this new company.
What are the specific outcomes that you are targeting? Please provide quantifiable measurements, if appropriate. : We would like to signup 10,000 pre-registered customer by late summer.
Please indicate the organizational scope of the project: : The team will be working directly with the founders of the company to design this product launch and go-to-market strategy in Houston
Please describe the data needs for this project: : Facebook Audience Insights and key influencer groups at Houston’s universities to target
Are there any specific technical tools or data analysis software tools that be required or available for this project?: Excel, Facebook Audience Insights
Specify your expectations of project deliverables. Project deliverables will be completed and ready for delivery on the Showcase Day.: We would like to have the go-to-market strategy and possibly even a count of pre-registered customers (millennials that live in Houston, that are responsible for buying electricity for their home and/or apartment or a roommate that shares in the bill paying for electricity.
Please indicate what criteria you will use to measure project completion and success:: A completed Houston launch plan and a number of pre-registered customers in Excel.

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