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Choose a Wrigley product/brand that has been launched in a country of your choice (see the list of Wrigley’s major brands around the world: Then, investigate the consumer trends that might have prompted the launch of this product/brand. Subsequently, assess the market performance of the product/brand and draw conclusions on its overall success. Remember to support your stances with relevant facts and information.

Under task two, candidates are required to select a brand/product from the Wrigley. It is a MUST to access the following link to select a suitable brand to address assignment requirements. Also, the candidate should mention the selected country in which the brand has been launched. e.g. 5® Gum – Launched in 2007 in the USA.

The candidate should focus on information availability when selecting a specific product. Kindly note that even though a product should be innovative to address the assignment requirements; it should be a recent product which had been evolved over time with the changing customer needs. It is advised to pay strong attention to this since product selection is critical in MDI.

Furthermore, the candidate should justify the product/brand selection.

On the other hand, candidates are required to identify consumer trends related to a selected brand. He/she should gather relevant statistics to analyse consumer trends.

To build your answer, following theoretical models can be applied;
• Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Theory
• Diffusion of Innovation Model
• Kano Model
• Product Anatomy
• Balanced scorecard

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