Mathematics Curriculum Outcome Analysis for Teaching

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Part 1 Analysis of Outcome

  • Examine the outcomes from the Mathematics Curriculum for all year levels and strands.
    Select one outcome. While a concise analysis is required, you need to provide more detail than merely repeating the ‘Elaborations’ included within the Australian Curriculum.
  • Write a list of specificMathematics learning outcomes for your learning area, which clarifies the general selected outcome. In addition, key Mathematics content in your learning area needs to be identified. There will need to be a minimum of three specific outcomes and a maximum of five.

Part 2 Activities

  • Design a brief set of teaching activities. These are to be linked to your specific Mathematics outcomes, content and language so that another teacher could understand and implement them. These activities are NOT to be written up as lesson plans.
    Two activities are required for each specific outcome (ie 6-10 activities based upon the number of specific outcomes you include). Your activities should reflect a sound and consistent theoretical perspective. The use of technology must be evident in at least two activities (ie 2 out of the total 6-10).

Part 3 Indicators

  • Produce a list of concise and clearly stated indicators of achievement for each specific outcome. This does not require the design of assessment instruments. Rather, it is a statement of the student achievement(s), which would indicate success for each outcome.

Part 4 Theoretical Justification

  • Write a justification (in 500 words) for your Mathematics activities in terms of their suitability to each specific outcome and the initial Curriculum outcome. Evidence needs to be provided that the activities will result in effective student learning.
    Support your justification by referring to authoritative sources within the Mathematics education literature for your learning area.
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