Measurement And Statistics In Research

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Note: You must complete and receive feedback on this assessment before moving on to submit Assessment 4.

Access the Mental Measurements Yearbook (see the Resources) or another appropriate resource, and review types of measures and assessments that are available and relevant to your research question.

Determine the types of measures and assessments that fit into your research proposal and write about them in a short paper. Your assessment should include the following:

A measure selected for each variable under investigation. Please provide the name of the measure as well as the reliability and validity information. If you are writing a proposal for qualitative work, then discuss the constructs that will be assessed with the proposed measure
A discussion of how the measure will be used—for example, as an assessment done once during the study.
A discussion of the statistics and data analysis that you will conduct after collecting your data and the rationale for your selection. Be specific about the kind of data analysis you plan to use. Be sure to note why these data analysis procedures make sense with the research methodology you have proposed (for example, you would not use ANOVA with a qualitative grounded theory design).
Additional Requirements

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