Members of NATO agree that using military force to stabilize Afghanistan is important to global peace and security.

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  1. The United States contributes far more to this mission than do other members. Utilizing the information you have absorbed from your textbook and class regarding interactions, answer the following: Why is this the case? What difficulty does the United States have in persuading other members to contribute more? What advantages does the United States secure because it is the largest contributor?

    2. The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has made the case for a global consensus on the science of climate change. The IPCC has also called for significant global action to reduce the human impact on climate change through major policy initiatives and a new global climate change agreement. Member states have, thus far, failed to reach an international agreement on climate. Why is cooperation on climate policy so difficult to achieve? How does the mix of interest, interactions, and institutions make this issue difficult to resolve??

    3. A large coalition of countries have agreed that ISIS is a threat to regional and global security. In spite of this, few have committed military forces to directly confront ISIS. Why is this the case? What prevents the actors, who agree on the danger, from acting to stop it? With respect to interests and interactions, why is cooperation difficult to achieve? Could international institutions aid in achieving cooperation? Why/Why not?

    4.For this essay you are to utilize the levels of analysis schema to provide explanations for an international event. You will need to provide an explanation applicable to each level of analysis [(systemic, state, individual) or (international, transnational, domestic)] for ONE of the following: the 2011 NATO bombing campaign against Libya, the 2003 US invasion of Iraq, or the 2001 US invasion of Afghanistan.
    Examine each explanation and identify which level of analysis is the “best fit” for each. In addition, write a brief explanation of why you believe the chosen level is the best fit. In other words, defend/justify your decision.

    5. For this essay you will need to select ONE of the prompts below and answer the question(s) presented:
    a. A common criticism of Realism can be summed up with the following statement: “Realism is not
    realistic.” Construct an argument that either defends or criticizes this statement.
    b. A common criticism of Liberalism is that it is utopian or idealistic. Is liberalism idealistic? Why or
    why not?

    6. For this essay you will need to select two of the three theories and answer the following:
    Given what you know both about the Iraq War or Afghan War as a policy in the war on terror and what you know about the theories selected, how would a proponent of each theory explain this conflict?

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