Midterm Paper – Hyatt

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Instructions :

This is a 4000 word essay with a 500 words introduction, 1500 words discussion part, 1500 words analysis part and 500 words conclusion. The grading table is attached as well.

1. Read : Globalization of Hyatt Place (11 pages attached in PDF).
2. Watch the interview with the CEO Mark Hoplmazian via this link : https://usatoday30.usatoday.com/video/hyatt-ceo-ignorance-of-the-hotel-business-was-my-most-valuable-asset/4968660576001
3. Read article : Hyatt CEO’s pay jumped 13 percent in 2015 via this link : https://www.chicagobusiness.com/realestate/20160405/CRED03/160409927/hyatt-ceos-pay-jumped-13-percent-in-2015

Please use the following questions to frame your answer :
– What were HHC’s motives in expanding its brand portfolio ?
– What are HHC’s motives in choosing an internationalization strategy for sustainability (as seen in the Lane reading) ?
– What modes of entry might HHC use in its new brand internationalization (as seen in the Lane reading) ?
– Is Hoplmazian a filtered or unfiltered leader (as seen in the Mukanda reading)?
– With the international expansion will they suffer for the theory of the “disease of distraction” (as seen in the Fullan reading) ?

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