Neoliberalism and Globalization

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

As an economic and political program, neoliberalism promises that everyone will be able to gain from the benefits of globalisation but in practice there is clearly great disparity. Discuss with reference to the advantages and disadvantages of neoliberalism and globalisation.

o Offer relevant evidence to support your point of view or opinion.
o Make consistent use of thorough referencing and clear bibliographic detail

The case study about Global Shipping Industry (need to be specific case and use it to support the arguments.)

• Articles need to be logical and linear.
• Select material from outside and fit for purpose (use minimum 20 references)
• Some references ,which I have provided, might not relate to the topic so you can find and use yours.
• The essay needs to relate to neoliberalism, globalization, civil society, government and global shipping industry.
• 1,500 words ( not more than 1,650 words) (excludes end notes and reference list)
• Argument agree and against (need to be strong and clear idea)
• Do not copy sentences or text from any sources because this must upload on Turnitin websites to check plagiarism. (paraphrase sentences)
• Must use complex sentences and academic vocabulary.

Introduction 150-200 words
-( Hook the sentences, post question and then answer it ( include files theory which I have provided, case study and describe what is it?)

Body 1,250 words (at least 5 paragraphs)
-(First paragraph may write about the answer which post on introduction why do you think like that or if you have better idea you can use whatever which you think.
– (Last paragraph you need to accumulate arguments)

Conclusion 150-200 words
– (Last paragraph you need to accumulate arguments.)

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